APOJEE keeps on innovating with the Silicon Carbide Technology

After its recent presentation at the APE (Automotive Power Electronics) Conference 2017 on the topic ‘How to reach mature technology standards despite breakthrough innovation? ‘, APOJEE remains at the cutting edge of the Silicon Carbide (SiC) Technology with its taking part in the WinSiC4AP Project.

The WinSiC4AP Project involves 24 partners from 5 European countries, including SMEs. It mainly aims at developing technological bricks based on the SiC technology that are meant for industrial applications with a cost-efficiency ratio making it possible to address European markets such as the automotive, aeronautics, rail and the defense ones.

The kick-off meeting was held in Brussels at the end of June gathering many players of the project. As part of the project, APOJEE develops and puts at its partners’ disposal a SiC technology-based test bench, MARVEL 3, that can characterize and validate some of the 8 WinSiC4AP technological demonstrators.

The APOJEE P-HIL test bench team is now studying the architecture of that new generation Power HIL.