New premises for 'APOJEE by Punch Powertrain' in Munich

Almost 6 years after APOJEE GmbH was established, it has just moved to new premises in the north of Munich under the flag of Punch Powertrain. Previously scattered among different locations such as the APOJEE GmbHs headquarter and offices at the customer, this move allows all the R&D, Marketing, Sales and Administration teams to gather together for the first time in one building.

The main goals behind the move to the new facility are improved internal communications arising from better integration, and the incorporation of a test-bench workshop for improved work-flow.

In addition, locating the new offices at the heart of the automotive zone of Munich (BMW R&D center and all its suppliers), ensures quick and easy access to external peers for direct business and networking, as well as facilitating access to a pool of potential new recruits.

The building already houses other companies, most of which operate in a similar automotive sector. In this shared space, Punch Powertrain’s new German R&D center, specializing in component validation, occupies a part of the second floor with 270 sqm reserved for the offices and further 140 sqm in the basement ground floor dedicated to its testing facilities.

The new location will be soon equipped with its own state-of-the-art testing infrastructure. The final decision of equipment choice has yet to be taken, but the nature of the tests that will be carried out in the new workshop is already known: characterization of new product development inverters, such as that for the EP3, 48V system.

Another positive change for the local team is the on-site canteen, shared with the other companies of the building. This ensures all employees have easy, daily access to a healthy and varied meal, which fits beautifully with Punch Powertrain’s desire to improve the overall working conditions of its employees.

Mid-November, a team of 16 people joined these new offices. With room for up to 25 people, the premises can easily be expanded to welcome new recruits and help the company meet the strategic goal of reaching 20 employees by the end of 2019.

We wish our colleagues in Munich the very best for this new start!

New premises Munich