Spotlight on Ignition and Combustion in Berlin

For the 2nd time in a row, our team of experts in Ignition and Combustion came forward at the International Conference on Ignition Systems for Gasoline Engines, in Berlin on November 3rd and 4th.

Once again, this prestigious event has hosted key players who exchanged on various topics such as the requirements for ignition systems or the new ignition systems and their alternatives.

Having its own booth, APOJEE was one of the notable actors of this two-day conference. The company brought to light the latest breakthroughs of its ambitious Project Radiµs, the project dedicated to microwave generated by radio frequency.

SmartCoil, APOJEE’s ignition coil emulator was also part of the exhibited concepts and products. Its features have generated a considerable interest among the first-class visitors of the conference.

Once more, APOJEE was able to show its know-how and initiate promising discussions for the future.


IAV Conference Ignition and Combustion