Synergy around a new ignition technology

Since May 2015, APOJEE, TURBOMECA (company specialized in helicopter turbines) and the university laboratory Pprime of Poitiers are gathered under the aegis of the DGA, the French Defense Procurement Agency, as part of a RAPID Project which aims at developing and validating the principle of an innovative ignitor distributor offering superior performances for the coils traditionally used in helicopter turbines.

This ignition project is named Radiµs (Radio-frequency initiated microwave ignition system).
Previously, APOJEE has taken care of the lifting of risk and technical feasibility phase. In the coming months the association and the complementary skills of the three entities will make possible to realize prototypes which performances will enable to run the first tests in laboratory and on an engine test bench with ignition chamber.

Applications are numerous both in military or civilian aviation (aircraft and helicopter turbines) and for ground applications such as stationary gas engines.



Projet Radiµs