APOJEE is a company with more than 50 engineers and technicians acting as a supplier of high-technology in the fields of power electronics, embedded control units and ignition / combustion.
With two locations in France and Germany, APOJEE works with the major automotive, aerospace and industrial players.


Power electronics:

APOJEE studies and develops innovative and efficient power electronics subassemblies, particularly intended for electric powertrains.
APOJEE offers a range of electrical test tools which allows the validation and qualification of power electronics products.


Ignition / combustion:

APOJEE's expertise in this area is widely recognized by industry leaders: Automotive manufacturers and Tier 1’s, Formula 1 teams, defense, ...
With the skills and specific tools developed by APOJEE, our customers get significant gains in terms of consumption, emissions reduction, ....

Embedded control units:

APOJEE designs and manufactures control units suitable for extreme conditions (aerospace, automotive,).
APOJEE works on both the Hardware and Software for the whole electronic and electromechanical system