The Board

Direction APOJEE  

       Olivier Metzelard                    Xavier Bonabal                  Marc Coustet

Before creating APOJEE, what was your history?

Olivier Metzelard: Before APOJEE we all three had had a working life in operational roles at Tier 1 suppliers or at major automakers. In my case, I have always worked in Research & Development. I served as head of vehicle electronics R & D for PSA & BMW applications (electric 106/SAXO) then R & D Manager for ignition coils. Xavier Bonabal worked as Project Manager for a vehicle French car manufacturer.

Why did you set up APOJEE?

Olivier Metzelard: the process of setting up a business is always complex and specific to each individual. If I had to summarize, I would say that we share the desire to create and invest in innovative and technical projects surrounded by men and women who share our values: commitment, pragmatism and pursuit of excellence.

What are the key stages in the development of a company?

Olivier Metzelard: the early years following the creation in 1999 were years of learning. They allowed us to get to know the world of the SOHO /SME and establish bases and APOJEE’s leitmotiv: sustainability, innovation and technical excellence. During this period, the company experienced steady annual growth of around 30%, which enabled us to create jobs up to ten people.
From 2006, APOJEE is focused more on developing proprietary products to strengthen and diversify its activities. These products are mainly aimed at research centers and specialized laboratories.
From 2009, APOJEE could provide expertise in the development of power electronics for electric vehicles. This activity has allowed us to increase our turnover by 4 in 3 years and our staff has increased to 42.
Today, we are in a consolidation phase through diversification, design and manufacture of proprietary products and the search for new partnership agreements with leading Industrial Groups.

Today what makes APOJEE special?

Xavier Bonabal: APOJEE is still a “family sized” company with a decision making chain that enables prompt response. But above all, APOJEE has a technical expertise recognized in various fields. These technical capabilities enable us to offer state of the art products and services to the Formula 1 teams.
Moreover, on the basis of successive partnerships with major players in the industry, we can say that we have been able to develop strong synergies that go beyond purely commercial relations.

Why work at APOJEE? What brings together/ defines APOJEE employees?

Xavier Bonabal: To work at APOJEE is primarily to seek motivation in technical projects, often at the forefront of technology and for major international customers. It is also being driven by a team where each and every one can express his or her qualities and contribute. Through its size and organization APOJEE is a “ family sized” company where everyone has the opportunity to "see" the results of his or her own work. The rapid professional growth is strongly encouraged.

What are your future challenges?

Olivier Metzelard: The next big challenge for APOJEE is to succeed in Germany. Our goal is to develop an equivalent structure there. Our investigations have shown us that there is a strong demand and at the present time, a company like APOJEE is able to satisfy that demand.
Another major objective is to continue the development of society by capturing new markets, particularly in the area of electric vehicles.
Finally, we will strengthen our ability to small run production.

What is your motto ?

Olivier Metzelard : "Open your eyes"
Xavier Bonabal : "If you want to get something that we have never had, we must try something that has never been done."