Since 1999, APOJEE has developed and commercialized products in the electromechanical and electronic fields of power electronics, ignition and combustion as well as embedded control units.

Based on the skills of recognized experts in their respective fields, our company develops both its own products but also those that meet the specific needs of a client.

With our experienced engineers in the fields of technical marketing, electronic and mechanical R&D, embedded software, multiplex systems, electromagnetism and modelling, production engineering and quality, APOJEE has the skills covering the entire life cycle of a product.

Since 2009, APOJEE has accelerated its development with major accounts in the automotive industry such as PORSCHE, PSA, Renault, Valeo, Continental, Bosch ... but also with the defence sector and industry as Sagem, Safran, HAGER... not forgetting the SMEs seeking to integrate electronic functions into their products.

In 2013, APOJEE made a solid start to its expansion abroad by founding a German subsidiary in Munich. The strategic choice of this location requires little explanation as Munich has long been the home the world’s leaders in the automotive industry, and naturally those companies which offer the highest support to their businesses. This commitment of APOJEE ensures the closest collaboration with their customers for the most effective realization of large-scale projects. In consequence, four years after its creation, APOJEE GmbH continues to grow.  Tripling its workforce in 2016, APOJEE GmbH continues to attract the most ambitious projects in the areas of the test and validation of hybrid and electric vehicles, together with ground-breaking applications of SiC-components for motorsport.

APOJEE today continues to innovate to keep one step ahead by offering solutions that meet the technical challenges of the future in the areas of excellence and internationally.