Jean-Yves LE GOUIL

Expert in power electronics
"I am passionate, it's in my nature"

His career

Jean Yves Le Gouil is a passionate man. When he undertakes a project, he does it completely. After the guitar in his youth, it is the field of electronics that has guided his career until today.

In 1973, with a BTS in his pocket, he joined Sagem as a technician. He remained there for 38 years having climbed the ladder of success. During the first 16 years, he worked in the field of military ballistic missiles. High precision equipment with which he learned his craft.

His references

The next 18 years at SAGEM, he worked on TV decoders, and then on car electric motors. One of his proudest moments of his career was the development of three essential components for electric vehicles that have become, and remain mass production parts.

From technician, Jean-Yves Le Gouil quickly became engineer and head of the components department within the Safran group. In 38 years, he has become one of the leading French specialists in power electronics.

His mission at APOJEE

Today, Jean-Yves Le Gouil is the expert engineer in power electronics. He has an important role in the architectural design of APOJEE products, in the technical management and in the transmission of his knowledge to his younger colleagues.

With his experience in the field of electric vehicles, he has recently led the development of a battery charger for Renault. Today, he assists Renault in bringing the prototype up to the industrial scale.
His mission within APOJEE thrills him. On the eve of his 60th birthday, the passion of Jean Yves Le Gouil remains intact, he has still has too much to learn and to pass on to stop ..