Michel Rollier’s visit and…

On November 29, we had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Michel Rollier, President of the PFA Platform (Automotive Industry) and former Managing Partner of Michelin and Bernard MILLION-ROUSSEAU, CEO of AFP and former top manager at PSA.


     Michel ROLLIER                              Bernard MILLION-ROUSSEAU

The PFA seeks to define and implement actions contributing to the strengthening of the French automotive industry:
•    Represent the French automobile industry so that it speaks with one voice.
•    Carry out any action to promote the automobile industry and ensure its competitiveness
•    Develop a clear understanding of the common major issues in the medium and long term within the sector
•    Develop the attractiveness of the sector and its business as well as directing its employment, training and apprenticeship policy.
•    Be a powerful force for the standardization and the trading regulations with both national and international bodies.
•    Contribute to the harmonious relations between all players in the sector
•    Provide social partners with economic data enabling them to understand the challenges of the industry in a national and international context.

Our visitors enjoyed the commitment and technical excellence APOJEE "To visit SMEs such as yours is really an opportunity for us to renew ourselves with the real problems of the field of SMEs. We will not miss any opportunity to integrate our thoughts within the PFA. Congratulations to the dynamism of your business that we want to go from strength to strength in the coming years. '