How to modify ignition parameters to investigate on Spark ignited combustion behaviours.

Engine Processes Conference - IAV/Technical University of Berlin, Juin 2013

Due to its strong expertise the field of gasoline ignition and combustion, APOJEE has been 

invited by the automotive engineering company IAV and the Technical University of Berlin

to present a paper on SmartCoil 2, an innovative ignition coil emulator which allows the

possibility to increase the performance of ignition systems :

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The paper will be presented by our expert in Ignition and Combustion, Dr.Paul TINWELL,

who will lay out the advanced capabilities and functions of SmartCoil 2 as well as the possible 

applications in the area of research and tests on gasoline engines.

As the optimisation of performance, efficiency along with the lowering CO2 emissions

is more and more in the news ; the setting of the ignition parameters is one of the most important