Our skills

Historically, APOJEE started by working on hybrid and electric vehicles for car manufacturers and suppliers and on the definition and design of power supply for aviation.
Today APOJEE is a team of more than 25 people dedicated to the design and development of products incorporating power electronics.
Combining performance, responsiveness and technical knowledge, we work on both the hardware and the software. Headed up by our experts, our teams optimize the choice of architecture and design constantly improving electrical, thermal, EMC performance.
Since 2009, APOJEE has been heavily involved in Renault electric vehicle projects by providing the skills of a tier 1 supplier

  • 9 ongoing projects covering all stages of development.
  • Fixed and Embedded Vehicle chargers, inverters, DC / DC converters, ...
  • Work on architecture, products, validation and industrialization.

Examples of APOJEE products:

  • Marvel: reversible power supply AC/DC (10 kW to 200kW) for power-equipment testing
  • Fast charging device (43 kW) for "Quick Drop" stations
  • VELCRI: research program including embedded battery chargers 7kW - 43kW - 86kW