Our skills

Since being set up, APOJEE benefits from the skills and expertise in automotive ignition and works with OEM’s and Tier 1’s. As such, APOJEE has designed and developed an innovative tool for emulating ignition systems (Smartcoil).

From 2008, APOJEE has anticipated the changing needs of its customers by enhancing its resources in the field of ignition/combustion:

  • Evolution of ignition products to meet the growing performance expectations: 50kV, 1J, ...
  • Study and design of a new generation of more efficient current technology and alternative innovative ignition systems

APOJEE benefits are:

  • Support for the analysis of physico-chemical phenomena within combustion
  • Design and manufacture of spark plugs for specific applications
  • Design of new generation ignition systems
  • Studies on existing engines to identify the optimum ignition characteristics
  • Support and analysis of the phenomena of combustion engines in order to define the most efficient ignition systems
  • Design, development and delivery of prototypes ignition systems in line with the specifications (control unit, ignition coils, spark plugs)
  • Problem solving for complex ignition systems
  • Design of “bespoke” test benches

Examples of products:

  • SmartCoil: ignition coil emulator for fundamental ignition analysis (50kV, 5mJ to 1J)
  • CubaScope: control module to drive actuators: ignition coils, electric valves ...
  • CurinScope : Electronic injector pilot control module