Power Electronics

Expertise in power electronics is one of the key strengths of APOJEE. This business requires more than others, wider skills which are not restricted exclusively to electronics. Performance, reliability and cost of power applications also depend on the mechanical, thermal management, EMC, all of which are present in APOJEE skills.

APOJEE conducts comprehensive studies of specific products, the definition of needs and product architectures to achieve prototypes or pre-series and industrialization:

  • Power supply for aerospace
  • Electronic hybrid automotive suppliers
  • Inverters, DC / DC converters for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Embedded or external fast chargers (up to 43kW)

APOJEE designs also means able to test and validate power electronics up to tens of kilowatts e.g MARVEL module used for testing power electronics (reversible AC & DC power from 10 to 200kW).