Paul Tinwell

Paul Tinwell

Consultant in ignition and combustion
Dr. Paul Tinwell has been working on Ignition and Combustion R & D at APOJEE since 2008. An internationally renowned expert, he is one of the few specialists having such a detailed knowledge of ignition as well as of combustion.
"To live is to learn!"

His career

Before joining APOJEE, since 1988 Paul Tinwell has spent his entire career in the automotive industry: ROVER, FORD MOTOR, FEDERAL MOGUL. He quickly specialized in the ignition and combustion and is the source of many patents in this area. Visionary, he always asks the following question to the client: "What do you want to do in 5 years?"

His references

When asked if he considered himself an expert of international standing, Paul modestly replied no. But he adds that when in front of technical managers of major car manufacturers in Europe, Japan or the United States on issues of ignition and combustion, those opposite take a lot of notes ...

In the late '80s, Paul Tinwell was already working to reduce emissions in petrol engine cars, at a time when this problem was rarely taken into account. He worked on an injection system for the engine of the old Austin Mini. During his career he has worked with leading global automakers for mass produced vehicles and Formula 1. Due to his expertise in both ignition and combustion, his skills are highly sought after.

His APOJEE mission

Paul Tinwell brings his expert knowledge to the technical development activity in the field of Ignition and combustion. He uses the means within APOJEE, especially SmartCoil (an ignition coil emulator) in his research to optimize the efficiency of gasoline engines. He develops high-tech “niche” plugs for specific applications such as Motorsports.

As Paul stated, today in the most powerful engines on the market, only 35% of the fuel consumed is used to produce energy. All his research involves developing new technologies to gain 5% productivity. This gain represents a major economic and ecological for large automakers.