WinSiC4AP – Gear up for the future !
Review Year 1

Punch Powertrain France (ex-APOJEE) becomes part of the Punch Powertrain Group and shares the same values. Both companies are fostering innovation thanks to highly-motivated and valued employees and partners. In July 2018 Punch Powertrain France and its WINSIC4AP partners met in Brussels to present the results of 12 months of collaborative work and reassert their common ambition to realize something ‘tangible’ at the end of the project.

Year 2: on the way to WINSIC4AP bricks

Thanks to the reviewers’ recommendations and to the full partners participation, the WINSIC4AP projects is on track in its second year and “bricks” shall be put on the table in a few months.

WInSiC4AP Year2

Stay in touch with us to get premium information related to our brand-new test bench demonstrator: emulating bidirectional AC & DC, easy to use and reliable, and benefiting of SiC technology for testing the most demanding power applications.

Punch Powertrain France AND WinSiC4AP APPLICATIONS

In May 2019 APOJEE will release its first 30kW rack




The project will develop innovative and reliable technology bricks for efficient and cost-effective applications end-user products (application systems and subsystems) based on SiC technology.
Apojee’s developed technology is addressing high-tech market segments in which Europe is a recognized global leader. Those are Automotive, Avionics, Railway and Defense.


  • On Board Battery Charger for PHEV or BEV
  • Isolated DC-DC Converter for HEV, BEV and FC
  • Intelligent Power Switch (IPS-RA): High Voltage Power-Converters (<10 kV) for embedded railway equipment
  • Intelligent Power Switch (IPS-AA): AC & DC Intelligent Power Switch (IPS) for power distribution in avionics at module and component levels
  • High efficiency Bidirectional SiC-based Power Converter for V2G/V2H applications in a nano/microgrid scenario
  • Inverter for Avionics Applications
  • LiPo Interface for Aerospace
  • Engine Controller-Inverter for Aerospace
  • ... and a SiC based test bench for testing high performance power converters: MARVEL III power HIL


  • Standard 19’’ rack delivering 30kW (1000VDC, 100ARMS)

- Benefits of SiC Technology

- Fits all future needs by emulating bidirectional AC & DC

- Easy plug in for a quick start

- Reliable ~ Usable in all facilities (from R&D to EOL)

  • Customizable and reconfigurable power HIL to match most needs


Everything happens in 2019!

  • In March 2019 APOJEE will be testing Aeronautics DUTs on its own transportable power test bench (60kW).
  • In May 2019 APOJEE will be testing WinSiC4AP demonstrators on its own MARVEL III power test bench.
  • And finally, in 2019, APOJEE will deliver a MARVEL III power test bench to our customer facility for Automotive  technology testing and validation (up to 350kW).