The project will develop innovative and reliable technology bricks for efficient and cost-effective applications end-user products (application systems and subsystems) based on SiC technology.
Apojee’s developed technology is addressing high-tech market segments in which Europe is a recognized global leader. Those are Automotive, Avionics, Railway and Defense.


  • On Board Battery Charger for PHEV or BEV
  • Isolated DC-DC Converter for HEV, BEV and FC
  • Intelligent Power Switch (IPS-RA): High Voltage Power-Converters (<10 kV) for embedded railway equipment
  • Intelligent Power Switch (IPS-AA): AC & DC Intelligent Power Switch (IPS) for power distribution in avionics at module and component levels
  • High efficiency Bidirectional SiC-based Power Converter for V2G/V2H applications in a nano/microgrid scenario
  • Inverter for Avionics Applications
  • LiPo Interface for Aerospace
  • Engine Controller-Inverter for Aerospace
  • ... and a SiC based test bench for testing high performance power converters: MARVEL III power HIL


  • Standard 19’’ rack delivering 30kW (1000VDC, 100ARMS)

- Benefits of SiC Technology

- Fits all future needs by emulating bidirectional AC & DC

- Easy plug in for a quick start

- Reliable ~ Usable in all facilities (from R&D to EOL)

  • Customizable and reconfigurable power HIL to match most needs


Everything happens in 2019!

  • In March 2019 APOJEE will be testing Aeronautics DUTs on its own transportable power test bench (60kW).
  • In May 2019 APOJEE will be testing WinSiC4AP demonstrators on its own MARVEL III power test bench.
  • And finally, in 2019, APOJEE will deliver a MARVEL III power test bench to our customer facility for Automotive  technology testing and validation (up to 350kW).