Project Radius



Radiµs is an innovative ignition system combining radio frequency ignition and microwave, two of the most efficient ignition systems, with a highly integrated implementation using a common electrode.
This product is aimed at various markets from aeronautics to reciprocating engines (automotive engine, stationary gas engines ...).


The plasma is created by radiofrequency and then expanded by microwave. This concept benefits from the ignition capabilities of a microwave system but with reduced energy requirements.



The first prototype from the APOJEE workshops in 2017, specifically adapted to aeronautic turbines.


  • The system characterizations show much better performance than conventional systems with more than 270 mJ of thermal energy measured in a micro-calorimetric chamber compared to 20 mJ for a Kettering ignition typical of a reciprocating engine or 90 mJ for a plasma ignitor typical of aeronautical turbines.

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  • The spatial propagation of the radiofrequency discharge combined with the thermal energy provided by microwaves gives significant advantages to initiate the combustion of difficult to ignite or very lean mixtures.  Such problems remain a barrier for the ultimate reduction of fuel consumption and emissions for most engine types.