An ignition coil emulator that is used in place of the conventional ignition coil between the engine management electronic control unit and the spark plug.  Smartcoil allows the user complete control of the generated spark characteristic from the high voltage rise-time and maximum available voltage, through to the profile of the current during the spark discharge.  Peak current, spark duration and delivered spark energy are all adjustable instantaneously.  Multiple-discharge with independent control of each spark characteristic in the train is possible.

Main Technical specifications

  • Maximum available discharge voltage: ~50kV, with positive, negative or AC polarity
  • High voltage rise-time: 20 µs to 500 µs @ 30kV
  • Peak glow-phase current: up to 1A
  • Maximum glow-phase voltage: 10kV
  • Spark duration: 5 µs to 1ms @ 250mA
  • Spark energy: 1mJ to 1J
  • From 0 to 20 sparks per discharge-train with a period between two sparks of 20µs to 5ms
  • Configurable discharge current profile
  • 18,000rpm maximum engine speed
  • Spark voltage and current measurement tools

Possible applications

  • Measurement of the engine’s response to the ignition parameters
  • Design of ignition and spark systems
  • Optimisation of ignition and combustion systems

Customer cases

  • Development of ignition systems for formula 1
  • Embedded test-bench ignition system for LMP1 engines (Porsche)
  • Support module for the development of 6 cylinder engines (Continental)

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